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      Sutherland Shower Gel 7g Sachets - Box of 100

          Sutherland Shower Gel Sachets were designed in conjunction with the NHS to help combat infection. The hygienic single use design eliminates cross infection between users. The sachets are easy to open and are conveniently packaged in boxes of 100. Sutherland Shower Gel Sachets are ideal travelling companions as their compact size means they fit perfectly into wash bags and can be stored in hand luggage on aeroplanes.

          The single use design also cut down waste as for a 4 night trip you can just take 4 sachets which not only cuts down waste but also weight. Sutherland Shower Gel is gently fragranced and a unisex shower gel. Sutherland Shower Gel Sachets are Vegetarian Society approved and suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans. Sutherland Hair Shampoo Sachets are also proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom to Sutherland’s high quality standards.

          Product Code: 1032

          Pack Size: Box of 100 Sachets

          Price: £15.00