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      Actichlor Bodily Fluid Spill Kit

          Blood spill kit. Contains everything needed for the safe and efficient treatment and decontamination of blood spills. 

          • Actichlor Granules 500g
          • Actichlor Effervescent tablets. 30 x 1.7g (When diluted 10 x 1.7g tablets in 1 litre gives 10,000ppm available chlorine)
          • Dilution Bottle
          • Gloves x 10
          • Apron x 10
          • Paper Towels x 10
          • Granule Scoop x 10
          • Yellow Bio Hazard Disposal Bag x 10


          Slight rip in the outer bag.  No interior products effected.  Expiry date 31/10/19.