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Sutherland Health has been a leading supplier to the UK National Health Service (NHS) and medical sector for over 20 years. It is a trusted British manufacturer and supplier of maternity, personal care, nutrition, sexual health, manual handling and gynaecological diagnostic products to the medical market within the UK and Europe.  

Sutherland Health is committed to developing and marketing high quality products and brands that will benefit health professionals and consumers alike. The Group’s own established brands include; babskin® and Sutherland® baby toiletries, Sutherland® Lubricating Jelly, Vision® diagnostics and Biston® manual handling products. 

The company proudly manufactures the majority of its products in the United Kingdom and is ISO and MHRA registered with quality at the core of it business.  

Sutherland Health Group Ltd is the holding company for Sutherland Health Ltd.




Sutherland Health Group Plc was formed in October 2004 by George Sutherland and was originally known as Sexual Health Group Plc. The Group changed its name to Sutherland Health Group Plc in October 2008 as the business developed and broadened the products offered.

The Group completed a funding round and joined the ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange - ISDX on 10th January 2005 and joined the Asset Match Private Market in 2016. The group has seen an increase in its shareholder base that now includes investment funds as well as several private investors.

The Group acquired Sutherland Health Ltd in March 2006 and Biston product in 2013.

The Group specialises in consulting with medical professionals and government bodies to develop and source innovative products that are manufactured to its own specifications.